Artist’s Statement

From the time I could hold a crayon, I was the artistic girl. My parents thought I would become a  children’s book illustrator or big time architect, but I felt a different pull. I became interested in the human mind, and this passion pushed me to pursue a career in psychology. While it is an interesting field and something I still dabble in, I often found myself sketching and filling up the pages of my notebooks. That was when it finally clicked: I wanted to create art.

I am captivated by the ever-changing styles and uses of design, from paper to screen including the newest capabilities of today, such as augmented and virtual reality. As these mediums become more readily available, I want to embrace new innovations and create pieces that will capture viewers’ undivided attention. I want those who see my work to be able to feel.

My inspiration is drawn from a number of things: architecture, nature, art history, and current trends. My style is flexible, but a few things are staples in my work. My typography is often minimal, yet strong as I embrace contrasting typefaces and careful alignments. My work is also very structured, with strict and calculated grid systems that allows for whitespace and breathability.

Much of what draws an emotional response from a design is not what is physically before the viewer, but the meaning integrated in the design. For example, researching how a certain color can affect viewers allows me to infuse emotion into my designs. My continued interest in psychology also leads me to consider what people may draw from my pieces and how I can influence the viewer to engage with my work.

Chelsea “Chel” Hepfl